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Dalazatide is our lead Kv1.3 inhibitor of Kv1.3 potassium channels for systemic disease and has successfully completed Phase 1 clinical trials. Dalazatide has been validated in multiple models of autoimmune disease and has demonstrated proof of concept in a Phase 1b study in psoriasis.

Development Status

Phase 2 ready product – High unmet medical need Orphan Indication

Kv1.3 Therapeutics is focused on bringing novel new therapeutics to the market for RARE DISEASES and subsequently for other autoimmune diseases.  Our lead drug, dalazatide, is ready to begin Phase 2 clinical studies for INCLUSION BODY MYOSITIS (IBM) a rare disease with no approved treatment options and generally poor prognosis for the patients.   The dalazatide development program is focused on providing a breakthrough treatment first for IBM and then followed by other rare and autoimmune diseases.

Publications and Presentations

World Muscle Society, October 2017
PLOS One, Phase 1 Study in Psoriasis August 2017